12 Interesting Facts About Katherine Timpf

After discussing Kat Timpf’s Biography and other stuff, here in this post, we will be looking at some unknown or interesting facts about Katherine Timpf.

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  • Timpf has been a guest on some radio and television programs, including America Live with Megyn Kelly, The Greg Gutfeld Show, The Greg Gutfeld Show with Gutfeld, and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, among others.
  • Her past professional experience includes volunteering for it in Arlington, Virginia, which the Leadership Institute runs. In addition to those roles, she worked as a digital editor for The Washington Times, a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio, and as a producer and reporter for the Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana, California.
  • In 2012, The Fund for American Studies’ Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program awarded Timpf a grant in support of his research project titled “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy.” 
  • Timpf has written for various publications, such as the Orange County Register, Investor’s Business Daily, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, International Business Times, and The Washington Times. In addition, he has performed stand-up comedy on the morning show of 98 Rock in Baltimore.
  • In addition to her job as a writer at Fox News, Timpf has contributed editorials, satire, and other forms of writing to National Review Online.
  • Timpf said her amusing remarks on Star Wars fans were the source of the death threats she received in November of 2015. It was in response to a question about the dangers.
  • The Kat Timpf Show is a podcast that Kat Timpf used to host once a week. On the show, Kat and a guest would discuss various subjects, including Kat’s life.
  • On 1 May 2017, Timpf joined Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams as a co-host for the afternoon show Fox News Specialists. Timpf will be working with Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams. The television program Fox News Specialists was canceled on 8 September in the wake of Eric Bolling’s firing from Fox News over claims of sexual misconduct.
  • An Article Written By Kat Timpf Withdrawn from the Publication National Review

An article written by Timpf and published by National Review on 27 December 2018 was formally withdrawn by that publication. The column “omitted significant components” of a sexual harassment allegation filed under Title IX by students at the University of Missouri.

The accused harasser “had made repeated, uninvited approaches toward the female student and was found to violate Title IX for stalking her,” as stated by a deposition that was part of the case, as reported by National Review. According to Timpf’s version of events, the female student had said that she was subjected to unwelcome approaches by a male classmate who was physically more significant than her.

  • Now, you can hear her on Fox News Radio as one half of the duo known as Tyrus and Timpf. Since the beginning of June 2019, she has been the host of her very own show on Fox Nation called Sincerely, Kat. In this program, she replies to questions posed by the audience that she has built up over the years.
  • She was a prominent speaker at the 2019 YALCON conference, which was held in Silicon Valley this year.
  • Katherine Timpf’s Cat:

She has a cat named, Cheens (12 years old as of 2022) who has a lot of health issues like Cardiomyopathy, Aasma, and IBD. She gives him medicine every day, inhaler, and others.

She promised she would do anything for her cat or other animals, no matter how much money she had to spend.

She was a big fan of cats, and in her college days, she found her cat on the street with her then-boyfriend. At that time, she was 21 years old and a Fox News intern.

Her cat’s full name is Surgeon Paper; from that name, she started calling him Chini Paper, and from that, Cheens.

Her cat is with her from her thick and thin, and the cat is not that nice according to her, but she loves her.

She wears a chain on her neck written her cat’s name Cheens. [source: one of her YouTube Interviews]

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