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  • Myles Erlick is an actor, dancer, Singer, Song Writer from Canada. He started acting at 14 years.
  • His parents divorced at an early age.
  • He used to learn from his mother’s art studio.
  • His stepfather is a musician.
  • He spent most of his school age on theatre sets.
  • His girlfriend’s name is Briar, she is an actress as well as a gymnast.
  • Myles Erlick girlfriend Briar Nolet wrestling
  • Myles won the Best Solo Dancer award in 2015.
  • He has two brothers, Tyson Erlick (elder), and Kingsley Erlick. His elder brother is a music producer and working with the brand ‘The Revel Boy’.
  • London is his best destination.
  • His debut single was “Serious” in 2017. This song trended on the 100 top pop list on iTunes.
  • In 2020, he released a music video named “Mayday”.
  • He also worked on many cover music for different artists. One of the popular is Monster’s cover song.
  • He is an animal lover and owns a dog named Pooch.
  • Myles Erlick pet dog
  • He also loves boxing and playing the Piano.
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