About Brent Carter

About Brent Carter

About Brent Carter

Brent Carter is the Author and Social Media Manager of this Blog. He is an Accountant by profession and a traveler by passion.

Brent likes sports, and he is a great golf player. But he mostly enjoys writing about Social Media Stars and Sports Persons.


Hi, myself Brent Carter, and I’m an Accountant. I finished my accountancy in 2011 and started working as an Accountant in a private company in CA.

I also have a business of local magazines selling, where I don’t spend a lot of time as my brother helps me there.

I often read about new celebrities in various magazines like “The Hollywood Reporter”; “Entertainment Weekly”; “Us Weekly,” and others.

Few Facts about Brent

Brent is also a sports lover, and he has played most sports. His fav sport is Golf.

He attended WrestleMania 31 in 2015, as he loves watching WWE.

He is also a tech lover. And studied a lot about Aliens, Planets, and more.

Web series and films on Netflix are his best pastime.

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